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" .... look what a great fan and friend gave me as a present, lovely little pieces of Art ..." from Jens Voigt

" ...you are so extremely talented ..."

" .... the perfect gift, can I please order the whole team ..."

" .... I cannot believe how perfectly painted they are, it looks just like me ..."

" Will you marry me?" 

Your design created perfectly .... the ideal gift for the cyclist who has everything.


Creating these bespoke design cycling figures is a passion which I get great satisfaction from. I hand paint every figure, which measure 5cm approx in height, even down to the most minute of details - some are as small as a pinhead, all by the naked eye (and steady hand). 

​When you purchase your own figure you can choose to have a wide variety of additions such as sunglasses, helmet, specialised clothing, bags or added extras of your choice. Male and female riders can easily be created as well.

Your figure can then be mounted on a base if you wish, for example the cobbles of Paris Roubaix, Ashphalt road effect or a Cyclocross themed mud and grass track, or how about a full mountain stage diorama! 

​You simply send me your designs in photo or website link format, requesting any specifics or additional items you would like to include and I can send a quote back to you. Each figure takes approx. 1-2 weeks to produce, lead times can vary depending on the time of year, I will let you know when you order how long your mini-me will take to create.

I can post anywhere in the World and often send my designs to Australia and America, please contact me for a postal quote however.

What better way to have your very own action cycling figure!

Happy Cycling,